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Frequently Asked Questions

How can you verify routing numbers?

Check or statement – bank-issued check or bank statement. Fedwire – You can look up your routing number on the official website of the Federal Reserve. To make sure the bank can process your payment securely and quickly, you should always check routing numbers – including numbers on this page – with your bank or your recipient.

What bank uses routing number 541210032?

What bank uses routing number 541210032? 122000661 is the routing number for Bank of America in Southern California. Note that B of A uses different routing numbers in different regions.

How long is a routing number?

Your routing number is 9 digits long. An easy way to find your routing number is by looking at one of your checks. On the bottom of every check, you'll typically find 3 numbers: The first number is usually your 9 digit routing number. The second series of numbers will be your account number.

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