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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a legitimate and fallacious appeal to authority?

The better the authority, the stronger the testimony will be and the worse the authority, the weaker the testimony will be. Thus, the way to differentiate between a legitimate and a fallacious appeal to authority is by evaluating the nature and strength of who is giving the testimony.

Is an appeal to authority always a fallacy?

Appeal to authority is a common type of fallacy, or an argument based on unsound logic. When writers or speakers use appeal to authority, they are claiming that something must be true because it is believed by someone who said to be an "authority" on the subject. Whether the person is actually an authority or not, the logic is unsound.

What is the difference between an appeal to authority and ad hominem?

Appeal to authority is often a mirror image of ad hominem. In an appeal to authority, someone appeals to the positive characteristics of a person to accept a claim, and in ad hominem, someone appeals to negative characteristics of a person to reject a claim.

What are some examples of appeal to authority?

Appealing to Authority has been a persuasive tactic since the early days of man and the written word. One of the simplest examples is the rhetorical question, “Do you know who I am?” If the person asking the question is someone the audience is familiar with, the question often forces the audience to consider their reputation as an authority.

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