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Frequently Asked Questions

What is appealing means?

The adjective appealing describes someone who is able to attract interest or is easy to like. For example, your easy sense of humor and way of making people feel comfortable make you appealing to friends old and new. If you are appealing, people want to be around you.

What is another word for appealing for?

Synonyms for appealing to include interesting, attracting, drawing, engrossing, exciting, fascinating, intriguing, tempting, captivating and entertaining. Find more ...

What is another word for appealed?

attract, be attractive to, interest, be of interest to, please, take someone's fancy, charm, engage, fascinate, intrigue, tempt, entice, allure, beguile, lure, invite, draw, whet someone's appetite

What is a synonym for appeal?

synonyms for appeal Compare Synonyms application bid call claim demand overture petition plea proposal question suit address adjuration entreaty importunity invocation prayer proposition recourse requisition solicitation submission supplication imploration See also synonyms for: appealable / appealed / appealer / appealing / appeals

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