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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get resellers permit?

Apply for a reseller permit through the Department of Revenue or Franchise tax board. A fee is not required for a reseller license. The Department of Revenue allows business owners to apply online, in person or by phone. Complete the application and submit to the Department of Revenue.

What is a business seller permit?

A seller's permit legally allows a business to collect sales taxes from their customers for items that are sold retail. These taxes must be paid for all sales made within the state.

What is a seller permit number?

A seller's permit is also called a vendor's or reseller's license. A business must have an EIN, or employer's identification number, to complete the registration process. This is a unique number from which the state will identify the business. Individuals may use their Social Security number in lieu of an EIN.

What is a reseller license?

A reseller, also known as a wholesale, permit is required to buy merchandise at wholesale prices or purchase products in bulk. Resale licenses are issued by a state agency or county clerk in your business area. Getting a reseller license for your business requires a simple process.

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