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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Asko Appliances?

Put simply, we think that an appliance that makes its way into the heart of your home should be something you can love. We at ASKO are inspired by Scandinavia.

What kind of music is Arkona?

Arkona (Russian: Аркона) is a Russian folk metal band. Their lyrics are heavily influenced by Russian folklore and Slavic mythology, and their music incorporates several traditional Russian musical instruments.

When did Arkona release Slovo?

In August 2011 Arkona's sixth studio album Slovo was released; again a stylistically eclectic mix, it featured the Chamber Orchestra of the Kazan Conservatory and the Moscow Conservatory's student choir. That year saw the band appearing at numerous heavy metal events, including Hellfest, With Full Force and Metalfest.

What happened to Arkona Arkhipova?

In September 2003 Arkona disbanded, due to the general lack of enthusiasm on the part of some of Maria's colleagues. Arkhipova opted to continue and wrote the material for a solo album, which she presented to the members of Nargathrond, another project she was singing for at the time.

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