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Frequently Asked Questions

How does AutoTrader exactly work?

How Does a Forex Autotrader Work? Forex autotrading makes use of technical analysis through a complex algorithm to make trade decisions, as the one used for Malaysian broker Juno Markets . For example, a trader can code a program and instruct it to buy a specific currency against another when the long-term moving average moves below the short ...

Does AutoTrader charge a fee?

Autotrader charges them a stock advertising fee for each vehicle, with a discount for a large number of listings. They also sell value-added services that these sellers can use to engage more buyers. Private sellers who advertise their vehicles on Autotrader must also pay a fee. Currently, it costs $49 per listing.

How long a car has been listed on AutoTrader?

You can readily see on an Autotrader advertisement how long it has been listed. For new advertisements that have been listed the past 7 days or less, it will be marked as new listing. What are some tips on how to sell a used car according to Autotrader?

What is the phone number for Auto Trader?

Auto Trader is somehow blocking paid ads from private sellers in favor of ads by dealers. Isn't this illegal?" ... Phone number (866) 288-6872. Is this your business?

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