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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best lakes for carp fishing in France?

Popular lakes for carp fishing holidays in France are: Firs Lake – 2.5 acre lake for exclusive use, carp to over 40lbs, 3 bedroom cottage with lake views. La Froterie – 4 acres, private carp fishing lake, luxury gite sleeps up to 6 people, all inclusive including tackle hire and food package, carp to 50lbs.

Is fishing in France worth it?

Fishing in France is a fantastic way to experience big fish angling and the whole country is literally stuffed with massive carp just waiting to be caught! Many of the fisheries in France are owned and run by UK anglers or families so you can be assured of some home comforts too!

What is the largest lake in France?

Lac du Bourget, Savoie Another beautiful lake in the Savoie region, Lac du Bourget is the largest natural lake in France. Surrounded by mountains that give it a lush, serene atmosphere, this lake is also known as the Lac Gris. Apart from the scenery, Lac du Bourget is also known for its pure clean water as well as being a great site for fishing.

Is Lake Geneva the best lake in France?

The mesmerizing Lake Geneva straddles two countries: France and Switzerland. However, that doesn’t make it less of beauty and is still among the best lakes in France. At around 580 square kilometers, it is the biggest lake in the Alps as well as in Western Europe. Lake Geneva is a natural lake, with only a small part that’s man-made.

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