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Frequently Asked Questions

Why become a member of Calyx Institute?

By becoming a member of Calyx Institute, you will support the development of CalyxOS and receive a phone with CalyxOS already installed!

What services does calyx offer?

Secure Digital Services You can use Calyx's offerings of VPN and secure chat, with more coming soon. T-Shirt & Stickers High quality Calyx t-shirt for your body and stickers for your laptop. 4G Hotspot & Unlimited Internet Unlimited 4G internet and a personal 4G hotspot.

What is the Calyx Institute mobile hotspot premium?

If you become Calyx Institute member at any of the following levels, you will receive a one time premium of a mobile hotspot device and unlimited mobile internet for as along as your membership is active. Currently, the mobile hotspots from Calyx use the Sprint network when available, and fall back to using the T-Mobile network otherwise.

Is there a free version of calyx VPN?

CalyxVPN CalyxVPN is an open-source VPN service The Calyx Institute offers as part of our non-profit mission. Our VPN is free for everyone on the internet to use, thanks to the generous support of our members. You can use out VPN on Android phones by downloading the CalyxVPN application from F-droid.

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