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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you fish for carp in France?

Carp Fishing in France. There are hundreds of carp lakes in France and these can range from large low stocked public lakes with basic facilities, to all inclusive fishing holidays with luxury waterside accommodation. When choosing a fishing holiday in France, it is critical that you select one that suits your fishing capabilities and requirements.

What is the best Lake to fish for carp?

Cherpont Lake – 39 acre lake, over 20 carp over 50lbs, drive and survive carp fishing, ideal for experienced anglers. Lake Meillant – 20 acre lake 4 hours from Caen, drive and survive fishing, carp to 60lbs. Carp 19 – 5 acre lake set in the Limousin countryside, carp to over 60lbs, drive and survive.

Is Lac de villedon a good place to catch carp?

If you are looking to catch big carp and are experienced enough to take advantage of one of best kept secrets in carping holidays, then Lac de Villedon could be the ideal venue for you. The lake is stunning with around 100 acres of water stretching for over 1.4mls (2km) and in this water swims some of the best carp you’ll ever see.

How luxurious is carp fishing?

This is about as luxurious as Carp fishing can get. It could be a log cabin, a chalet, or a large lodge house, but you can expect a comfy bed and a hot, private shower. You can find catered or self-catered lodges, depending on what you prefer.

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