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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to catch carp in France?

This 5-acre carp lake is located in the Pays de la Loir valley in France. It is available for exclusive hire for up to 4 anglers. The lake has an excellent stock of big carp to over 50lbs. There is also a lodge located lakeside. Distance from Calais: 511 km.

Are there Carp in Lake 1 and Lake 2?

Both lakes were heavily stocked nearly two decades ago and in that time these fish have flourished into matured specimens giving anglers a real treat and a great opportunity to catch a carp of a lifetime. Our current Lake Records are a 56lb common in Lake 1 and a 61lb common in Lake 2.

Why choose carp Lac Bernard?

Lac Bernard is the perfect venue for small groups looking for big fish in beautiful surroundings Getting to Carp Lac Bernard is relatively simple , once you arrive at Calais and join the A26 towards Arras , 130 of the 148 miles is spent on this toll road at a cost of just 16 euros.

What is the aquarium Carp Lake?

The Aquarium Carp Lake was purchased in Autumn 2019 after a number of years searching for the right lake. It was previously run as a carp fishery with an incredible head of fish including some original carp.

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