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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Congregation Beth Sholom?

At Congregation Beth Sholom, we create meaningful and authentic Jewish experience on a daily basis by observing Jewish ritual while exploring and expanding the ways those rituals are practiced. We believe that the moments and people that make up our lives are worth sanctifying. Happy New Year and Best Wishes for 2023! CBS daily minyan goes virtual.

What is the Richland Jewish congregation?

It holds non-theistic holiday and shabbat events, and a K-7 Sunday school. This merges the earlier Temple Emanu-El (who founded the state's first synagogue, opened September 12, 1892) and Keneseth Israel. Originally (1950) Richland Jewish Congregation, took current name 1957.

What is the history of Ohaveth Sholum?

Ohaveth Sholum Congregation (Seattle, defunct) Described by the Washington State Jewish Historical Society (WSJHS) as "a quasi-Reform temple," it was Seattle's first congregation (1889) and synagogue (1892).

What is the history of Temple Beth Israel?

This merges the earlier Temple Beth Israel and Sinai Temple. The latter, a Conservative congregation since 1938, traces back to the Orthodox Congregation Hevra Talmud Torah, founded 1909.

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