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Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Cordova coolers?

Campbell is the CEO and owner of Cordova Coolers, a line of foam-injected roto-molded coolers that Campbell developed and now manufactures from his warehouse in Nampa. He recently moved his entire operation to Canyon County from Washington state, after realizing Boise was a great place to grow a business.

What are the features of Cordova coolers?

Features: High-density foam, Quad-core rubber gasket, Reverse rubber T-latch, CNC machined handles, Raised lid tray, High-flow drain plug, Anti-slip goat’s feet, Lid locking system Cordova was inspired by boating but their diverse lineup of coolers will fit right at home in any setting.

Who is Cordova outdoors?

They've built Cordova Outdoors using American ingenuity and craftsmanship to deliver the quality coolers and gear that every hard-charging adventurer deserves. We've served and we get it. Friends and family serve our communities every day and for that, we are forever grateful.

Is Cordova cooler better than Yeti?

Both Yeti and Cordova have very similar wall thicknesses and features to maximum ice retention. As for features, we are going to have to give Cordova a slight edge. While Yeti may have more accessories to choose from, the features that come already installed on Cordova Coolers are more impressive.

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