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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Mat removers and dematting tools?

Mat removers differ from dematting tools in that they’re primarily designed to ‘cut’ through knots rather than tease them apart. Mat removers require a bit more extra care than dematting tools, as the wrong movement can cut off too much hair or hurt your dog.

What is a dematting comb used for?

This dematting comb is good for thinner mats that are longer than they are thick. Its razor sharp teeth let you “saw” the mat away from the cat.

What is the best dematting tool for dogs?

The BarkOutfitters Dematting Tool stimulates your pet’s skin during use to promote healthy circulation while leaving their coat shinier and stronger. It’s an excellent option for removing dead undercoats hairs while keeping mats and tangles at bay. Best of all, pets actually enjoy being groomed with it.

How to demat a matted dog?

Prepare the appropriate environment de matting your dog. The dog must be calm and relaxed while you work with the dematting tool. Move the dog to a place where you can comfortably reach it and easily walk around it. Examine the coat and look for mats and tangles. If the fur is very matted, don't brush her whole body immediately.

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