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Frequently Asked Questions

Should you buy a French property with a lake?

Buying a French property with a lake isn’t just for romantics – it can also provide an excellent business opportunity in a beautiful setting. Astute owners can combine business with pleasure and provide fishing accommodation for paying guests.

How do I buy a fishing property?

We have many superb fishing properties, from humble cottages with river bank access to estates with large lakes, and also ready-made fishing businesses. 1. Signing the Agreement (Compris) On finding a property you wish to purchase you will need to negotiate the terms, price and conditions of the sale with the owner.

Can you buy a property with a lake in the UK?

One type of property purchase that is difficult to achieve in the UK is the purchase of a lake. Whether it is a fishing lake, pure and simple, or a property with its own lake within the boundaries, France offers many chances to make this dream come true ( French Properties with Lakes ).

Is France a good place to fish for carp?

France has been a very popular destination for Carp fishers for many years. It has all the benefits of being close enough to get to reasonably easily, whilst at the same time ensuring you definitely feel like you're on holiday. France not only has some of the best Carp fishing destinations for holidays - you can even buy your own!

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