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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact Fronius support?

If you go to the Fronius Support page, you can pretend you are a 'distributor' or 'installer' which will then give you access to select the option for 'technical support' .. or simply just use this email address .. [email protected] .. their response time is pretty good.

How do I Change my Fronius wifi password?

CHANGING YOUR FRONIUS WIFI PASSWORD. 1 Select your network. 2 Click on “Delete” at the bottom. 3 Refresh all Networks **Carefully enter your network wifi password as the Fronius Inverter will not be able to tell you if it is incorrect. ***If you ...

How do I access the Fronius datamanger web interface?

The Fronius Datamanger web interface cannot be accessed via a Wifi access point or LAN. On the inverter display, under “Setup” --> “Wi-Fi Access Point”, activate the Datamanager local WLAN network.The inverter display shows the SSID name: “Fronius_xxx.xxxxx” and the network key “12345678” (always the same) after activation.

How do I set up my Fronius inverter?

Or, read the following steps: Click Set Up My Fronius Inverter. Select the top option called Grid-Connected Inverter. Go to your home’s inverter. Open the inverter’s menu by pressing the third button from the left. Scroll across to Set-Up, and press enter. Scroll down to WiFi Access Point, and press enter. Select Activate WiFi AP.

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