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Frequently Asked Questions

What does FUSD do?

Empowering families to raise children to be safe and successful. FUSD partners with community organizations to offer learning opportunities throughout the district to help empower families to increase engagement with the schools to work together to educate and support all children. ENROLL ONLINE TODAY! Enroll Now!

How do I log in to the SFUSD portal?

Enter in your web browser. Use your SFUSD username (without your full email address) and password to log in. For a replacement Username or Password, contact your teacher, counselor, or office staff.

Does FUSD offer laptop insurance?

As part of the FUSD 1:1 Technology Initiative, a parent/guardian has the option to enroll in FUSD’s Laptop Insurance Program. Enrollment in the program is optional and minimizes the potential repair and/or replacement costs. You may want to fill out a free and reduce meal application as it could benefit you and your child in several ways.

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