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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you call a guest person?

1 a person who visits another. invited the afternoon guests to stay for dinner. Synonyms for guest. caller, drop-in, frequenter, visitant, visitor. houseguest.

What is guest access and how do I use it?

With guest access, you can provide access to teams, documents in channels, resources, chats, and applications to people outside your organization, while maintaining control over your corporate data. See Set up secure collaboration with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams.

How do you use guest in a sentence?

Examples of guest in a Sentence. Our guests should be arriving soon. Only invited guests are allowed inside the banquet hall. He played at the country club as a guest of one of the members.

What is the meaning of guest room?

1. a person who is entertained, taken out to eat, etc, and paid for by another. 2. a. a person who receives hospitality at the home of another: a weekend guest. b. (as modifier): the guest room.

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