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Frequently Asked Questions

How many days in Hanoi and Ha Long Bay?

You could easily spend a week in Hanoi and Halong bay without feeling bored. However, for most people with limited time, a few days would be good. For example, a 3 days in Hanoi and 2 days in Halong bay itinerary would cover most of both destinations.

How much costs a Halong Bay tour?

While Castaways Island by Vietnam Backpackers Hostels remains THE most popular Halong Bay tour for backpackers ($199 US for a 3-day, 2-night trip), some budget travellers are choosing to save themselves some cash and go with the cheaper option offered by Central.

Is Halong Bay worth it?

Is Halong bay cruise worth it? Based on my personal experience, Halong bay cruise excursion is definitely worth it. The whole day excursion is a great taster if you want to have a perfect day trip from Hanoi. Since Halong Bay is included in the UNESCO World Heritage list in Vietnam, the natural beauty of the region is truly beyond words.

What area to stay in Halong Bay?

Where to Stay in Halong BayCreative Hideaway in Halong Bay – The Flamboyant. This gorgeous apartment will have you never wanting to leave! ...Adventurous Hostel in Halong Bay – Woodstock Jungle Camp. There aren’t many hostels in Halong Bay – but thankfully, the few available offer outstanding service.Stylish Hotel in Halong Bay – Muong Thanh Luxury. ...

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