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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Sam and Freddie still dating on iCarly?

They dated and broke up during the series' fourth season. It has been hinted that Sam and Freddie still have feelings for each other, but they haven't confronted each other about their feelings as of yet. They do seem to be okay with each other as Sam doesn't hesitate contacting Freddie for help.

What is Freddie on iCarly first and last real name?

They say opposites attract… no wonder Sam (Jennette McCurdy) and Freddie (Nathan Kress) got together! Relive some memorable “Seddie” kisses from iCarly! Catc...

Does Freddie like Carly in iCarly?

Freddie’s crush on Carly was apparent right off the bat – in the very first episode of iCarly, as a matter of fact. They even once dated after he saved Carly from a taco truck, but they ended up breaking up because Freddie didn’t want Carly dating him just because he saved her life. It’s no surprise people are fans of Creddie.

Does Freddie love Sam on iCarly?

In the Season 4 special iOMG, it was revealed that Sam is in love with Freddie when she unexpectedly kisses him at school during the "lock-in." This is the second time they shared a kiss, iKiss being the first. In iLost My Mind, Freddie kisses Sam live on the iCarly webshow, showing that he has also feelings for her. This is the third time the two have shared a kiss.

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