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Frequently Asked Questions

What should you know about Biden’s latest rounds of student loan forgiveness?

Here’s what you should know about Biden’s latest rounds of student loan forgiveness. Total federal student loan debt stands at $1.7 trillion as of the second quarter. Combined, the forgiveness announced this year accounts for less than 1% of all federal student loan debt.

What will President Biden do for teachers?

Biden will see to it that the existing Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program is fixed, simplified, and actually helps teachers. President Biden will invest in resources for our schools so students grow into physically and emotionally healthy adults, and educators can focus on teaching.

How much did the Biden administration forgive for ITT Tech loans?

Those students who attended programs with deceptive or illegal practices like ITT Tech received relief this year through two rounds of forgiveness totaling more than $1.5 billion and affecting nearly 75,000 borrowers. Since March 18, the Biden administration has forgiven $9.5 billion in student loans.

Will the Biden administration extend the pause on student loan payments?

Student loan borrower advocacy organizations and Democrats in Congress have also called on the Biden administration to extend the current pause on federal student loan payments, currently set to expire on September 30, until programs such as PSLF can be fixed. So far, the administration has not acted.

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