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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Camp King roof top tent?

The Camp King Roof Top Tent was launched in 2018 and is Australia’s first-ever one-piece hardshell roof top tent. It’s the original and the best. Here at Camp King Industries we pride ourselves on being industry leaders and providing innovative product designs to the overlanding and touring markets.

What is the best rooftop tent?

Kozi is the ideal Roof Top Tent for starting your outdoor and off-road adventures. At only 46kgs, this is a quality unit that will see you through many adventures without breaking the bank. The Kozi is very new on the market but will quickly become one of the best rooftop tents suiting the budget conscious traveller.

What is an XTM roof top tent?

XTM Rooftop Tent The XTM Rooftop Tent is a soft shell roof top tent offering a solid tent at a cheaper price point. This BCF entry into the soft shell roof top tents makes it easy to get started camping. The 75mm mattress offers a better layer of comfort than many more expensive roof top tents australia.

What are the benefits of a king-size tent?

An improved aerodynamic hard shell allows more bedding storage inside the tent so you can spend less time making your bed, and more time enjoying it. The spacious interior includes a thick 9-zone king-size mattress and insulated roof.

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