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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best hard shell Kings roof top tent?

This Kings roof top tent is famous for the 30 second setup. The Grand Tourer MkIII is more expensive than the other soft shell Kings roof top tent. This Adventure Kings roof top hard shell tent features a 2 year warranty so you can rest assured that you will enjoy plenty of great holidays and trips worry free.

How to set up a Kings roof top tent?

When setting up your Kings roof top tent, you’ll need to take into account where each part goes and what size it needs to be. A ladder (or steps) for your first step, and a second step if you have more than one person. A strong hammer (or mallet). A screwdriver or socket wrench to put in the stakes or pins (depending on which ones you choose).

What's the best thing about the Kings kwiky roof top tent?

Super-fast setup is the best thing about the Kings Kwiky roof top tent. It literally takes a minute to unlatch the four clamps (two up front and two in the back) and push the lid up.

What is the best rooftop tent?

Kozi is the ideal Roof Top Tent for starting your outdoor and off-road adventures. At only 46kgs, this is a quality unit that will see you through many adventures without breaking the bank. The Kozi is very new on the market but will quickly become one of the best rooftop tents suiting the budget conscious traveller.

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