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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the chief of police for Kingsport TN?

The Chief of Police of the department is Gale Osborne. The Kingsport Police Department phone number is 423-229-9300.

What is the population of Kingsport TN?

Census data from 2006–2008 for the Tri-Cities Combined Statistical Area estimates a population of 496,454. Kingsport is commonly included in what is known as the Mountain Empire, which spans a portion of southwest Virginia and the mountainous counties in northeastern Tennessee.

What kind of jobs does the Kingsport Police Department offer?

The Kingsport Police Department offers a wide variety of law enforcement career opportunities including full-time employment, part-time employment, and volunteer services.

What is the Kingsport Police Department’s November dress code?

While Kingsport Police Department policies typically require employees to maintain a traditional conservative appearance, during the month of November, K.P.D. will temporarily relax these standards and allow employees to select one of the following options: · Employees may choose to wear blue jeans on Fridays (non-uniformed personnel only)

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