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Frequently Asked Questions

What is kwikly and how does it work?

Kwikly is an on-demand dental staffing platform that helps connect professionals to dental offices who need temps in real time. How does Kwikly work? Get notified when dental temp shifts become available and pick the ones that best fit your schedule.

How big is a kwiky RTT?

But if you’re a solo camper or like sharing the wilderness with your partner, Kwiky will be more than enough. The interior dimensions are rather modest, at 208 cm by 110 cm and a height of 93 cm. So don’t plan on partying inside the RTT; it’s barely enough for sleeping two adults comfortably.

Does the kwiky mount on a flatbed?

The mounting kit works with flatbeds and steel flat racks because the Kwiky is too long to safely install on roof top tent racks. Check out the instruction manual to learn how to best fit this RTT on your 4x4. If you’re into family camping trips, the Kings Kwiky MKII Hard Shell Rooftop Tent will be a disappointment.

What is a kwiky roof top tent?

The latest version of the Kwiky roof top tent is perfect for year-round camping. The hard lid of the roof keeps the moisture out and protects the inside from heat and cold, while the canvas walls are treated to repel water and can withstand a storm.

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