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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get back pay for my Pua claim?

They were assured that back pay would be given. On July 15, the ODJFS erroneously and maliciously flagged over 226,000 Ohioan's PUA claims as fraud, most of which are erroneous flags as these individuals did provide their proof of income, proof of identity and banking information upon filing and these claims were not approved until they did so.

Can I apply for Pua if my regular unemployment is under appeal?

If your regular unemployment is under appeal and you meet the PUA requirements, you may apply. Only if you have a suspension, disqualification, or are serving out penalty weeks for tradition unemployment must you wait for that process to conclude before applying for PUA. How much money will I receive through the PUA program?

When should I gather documentation to support my Pua claim?

As a result claimants should gather documentation to support their employment or self-employment for the tax year prior to when they filed their original claim for benefits. Individuals who filed their original PUA claim in 2020 should gather documentation to support employment in 2019.

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