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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did the Ohio Supreme Court dismiss a lawsuit?

The Ohio Supreme Court has dismissed a lawsuit challenging Gov. Mike DeWine's authority to end Ohio’s participation in a federal pandemic unemployment aid program ahead of the federal government's 2021 deadline for stopping the payments. The court's unanimous decision on Tuesday called the case "moot" without any additional explanation.

Is the Supreme Court reviewing Ohio's DeWine case?

The Supreme Court is now reviewing the case after the state's attorneys appealed that decision. Ohio Deputy Solicitor General Michael Hendershot represented Gov. DeWine and the state’s Job and Family Services director Matt Damschroder in the oral argument.

How long does the Ohio Supreme Court take to decide a case?

While hundreds of thousands of Ohioans are waiting, it’s not unusual for the court to take several months to decide a case. In May, the Ohio Supreme Court heard the case.

Who is representing unemployed workers in Ohio's Unemployment case?

Marc Dann, one of three attorneys representing unemployed workers, spoke for the plaintiffs Wednesday. Dann said the additional unemployment would have benefited Ohioans and the businesses they patronize, and he argued the state has an obligation to make these types of federal funds available to eligible residents under Ohio law.

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