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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an OIG work plan?

OIG also plans work related to issues that cut across departmental programs, including State and local governments' use of Federal funds, as well as the functional areas of the Office of the Secretary of Health & Human Services (HHS). Some Work Plan items reflect work that is statutorily required.

What is the Office of Inspector General's work planning process?

The Office of Inspector General's (OIG) work planning process is dynamic and adjustments are made throughout the year to meet priorities and to anticipate and respond to emerging issues with the resources available. In order to enhance transparency around OIG's continuous work planning efforts, OIG will update its Work Plan website monthly.

What are OIG's program integrity and oversight activities?

OIG's program integrity and oversight activities adhere to professional standards established by the Government Accountability Office (GAO), Department of Justice (DOJ), and the Inspector General community.

What is OIG's oversight of Orr?

As part of OIG's oversight of ORR, we plan to review UAC Program emergency preparedness and response plans and procedures.

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