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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a documentation reference for the OpenSea API?

Welcome to the documentation reference page for the OpenSea API! As the world's first and largest NFT marketplace, we pride ourselves in having a first-in-class Non-Fungible Token API for developers to use in their projects.

How do I upload an NFT to OpenSea?

Go back to OpenSea and click the file upload / paste that path. This loads the file (which I figured would be 100x easier than having a File Explorer window open and trying to iterate through that). Click to create the asset / NFT Wait for that page to load / then click to VISIT the NFT

Does OpenSea offer “lazy minting”?

TLDR UPDATE #2: The article on this page (meaning, skip the link below and just keep on reading) talks about automating the “lazy-minting” / “gasless minting” that Opensea offers. But this is completely different from mint-on-demand style NFT offerings, which is probably what you really want / need.

Can I programmatically interact with OpenSea’s shared gasless contract?

You can’t programmatically interact with OpenSea’s shared gasless contract in the way that many want to. But, really, even with your own smart contract, you usually would not want to batch-mint, as the gas fees would be crazy right now.

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