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Frequently Asked Questions

Why openopentable for your restaurant management?

OpenTable's restaurant management software will help you fill your seats, grow relationships with guests, and run consistently smooth shifts with easy-to-use solutions and powerful integrations, so you can make every moment matter. Build relationships.

What are the best Bring your own bottle restaurants in NJ?

Proprietor Allan Philip Russo's highly acclaimed restaurant Sette is a bring your own bottle, residing in prestigious countryside Bernardsville, New Jersey. Nationally recognized as “One of the Top 100 Best Restaurants in the United States” according to OpenTable, a status rating of “Excellent”... 2. LuNello Restaurant

Where are the best restaurants in New Jersey?

Chatham fine dining destination Serenade has been topping best-of lists in New Jersey throughout the restaurant’s 20-plus years of existence.

Is the Saddle River Inn open for dining?

Dining at the restaurant: The Saddle River Inn is open for limited indoor dining, as well as outdoor, riverside seating in the restaurant’s covered, heated tent. There is also a fire pit outside the restaurant to warm up while waiting to be seated in either location.

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