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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the five methods of procurement?

The uniform guidance outlines five methods of procurement: micropurchases, small purchases, sealed bids, competitive proposals, and noncompetitive (sole source) proposals.

What are the basics of procurement?

Basic Procurement Principles. ⅰ The Procurement Section shall conduct work in the spirit and attitude of fairness and equity without involving any arbitrary considerations toward or against suppliers. ⅱ The Procurement Section shall comply with all relevant laws, regulations and Sumitomo Chemical's internal rules, including spirit behind them,...

What are the responsibilities of procurement?

The first set of procurement responsibilities includes duties relating to treating proper descriptions and ordering of goods and services to be procured within the project. It aims to ensure that the contractor receives right specifications and delivers the items in accordance with the approved delivery schedule.

What are the problems of procurement?

A reliable procurement system is designed for speed, efficiency, and accuracy. Yet despite all precautions, problems ranging from human error to organizational shortcomings can still have a negative effect on a company’s procurement and purchasing ability.

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