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Frequently Asked Questions

Should you buy a French property with a lake?

Buying a French property with a lake isn’t just for romantics – it can also provide an excellent business opportunity in a beautiful setting. Astute owners can combine business with pleasure and provide fishing accommodation for paying guests.

How much does a lakeside house cost in France?

Here are eight lakeside houses on the market in France for between €37,500 and €625,000. On a hillside overlooking a beautiful valley, this enchanting manor has four good sized bedrooms and is encircled by almost 6ha of private land with two fishing and swimming lakes.

How many lakes are in the Centre region of France?

If in doubt use the French Property Centre Area Converter Tool. Some regions of France are more blessed with lakes than others; the Brenne regional nature park in the Indre department of the Centre region has more than two thousand lakes of all shapes and sizes.

Should I buy a property with a private lake?

Instead of buying a property with a private lake, you might choose to buy near a publicly owned lake with watersports facilities, swimming and fishing.

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