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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You reuse flossers?

However, it is recommended to use floss only once and dispose off after using it. If reused, the condition of the floss will also deteriorate and worsen off. Most importantly, if saved for further use, it will also pick up the bacteria from the place where it was stored.

Is Listerine woven Floss discontinued?

Yes, it appears that Listerine Gentle Gum Care Woven Floss has been discontinued. Over the past year I began to notice that my favorite brand of woven floss was constantly out of stock. I decided to return to using traditonal waxed floss until it reappeared in stores but it never did.

What is woven Floss?

Woven floss is made of blue and white "yarn like" strands that are woven together. In the box it appears very bulky, but it stretches into a thin string when placing it between the teeth. Woven floss is very gentle on the gums, it is easy to grip, and it actually absorbs plaque.

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