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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between resell and retail?

As adjectives the difference between retail and resale is that retail is of, or relating to the (actual or figurative) sale of goods or services directly to individuals while resale is of or pertaining to selling on. As an adverb retail is direct to consumers, in retail quantities, or at retail prices.

What's the difference between "distributors" and "resellers"?

A reseller will only act as an intermediary. No doubt, the difference in services will show in costs as well. A distributor's services are more complex, as they are designed to step in and to make sure that a product without sufficient backing from the manufacturer has the same chances on the market.

What's the difference between an agent and a reseller?

In an agency relationship, the agent can enter into contracts on behalf of the principal. However, a reseller cannot do so for a wholesaler. Further, the agent generally has greater obligations to the principal than the reseller has to the wholesaler.

What does a reseller do?

A reseller is a type of channel partner that acts as an intermediary between companies that make, distribute or provide IT products or services and end customers, which may be businesses or consumers.

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