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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your review of ResellerClub hosting?

ResellerClub is a pretty good choice for Hosting Business Providers .their support is very good , pretty cool host. Their service is very Quickly scalable service, Great support provided by the team Since I run a small e-commerce website, and also they have lot more features.

How did you get started with ResellerClub?

I was introduced to ResellerClub in 2006 by a colleague who was already a customer with ResellerClub then. I migrated from my earlier provider to ResellerClub because I had heard they are good with small-medium business and they understand their requirements better than most other players.

Why choose ResellerClub's RS1 plan?

June 2019 is when we purchased ResellerClub's RS1 plan for our business. Our main objective was to get clients who could stay with us and be happy with our service. Thankfully, because of ResellerClub's products and services, we were able to gain from the entire business and we are going strong into our second year now.

Is the reseller bundle for Windows worth it?

I bought the reseller bundle for Windows in 2017. I scaled it late and found that there are no issues with speed, uptime, or even transfer speed. Overall, the staff is quite supportive and truly realizes how to keep up excellent relations with an old client—much appreciated, ResellerClub! Please keep it up. Super account management team!

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