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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ResellerClub advantage?

ResellerClub Advantage. By choosing ResellerClub as your hosting provider, you can seamlessly upgrade to a full-fledged free Domain and Hosting Reseller account, that gives you access to industry best pricing for over 500 TLDs, hosting and a free storefront to start selling domains.

What are the ResellerClub hosting plans?

ResellerClub’s R1, R2, R3 and R4 plans provide users with unlimited email, unlimited cPanel accounts and free SSL Certificate. Hosting Plans ESSENTIAL

What are the different types of reseller hosting?

Reseller Hosting involves selling hosting services to others as a web hosting reseller to make money. Let's understand what the other types entail: Reseller Hosting vs Shared Hosting : Shared Hosting is for a single user wherein they buy the hosting space and resources to host their website.

How do I purchase add-on cPanel accounts for Linux reseller hosting?

You can purchase add-on cPanel accounts anytime after the Linux Reseller Hosting product is purchased. These can be purchased from your control panel. Purchasing these, will give you the ability to increase your base cPanel limit. This feature is applicable to all Linux Reseller Hosting plans.

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