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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the essential elements for a great retail customer experience?

The key components of omnichannel retail experiences — including buy online pickup in-store, curbside pickup, and in-store fulfillment — are essential in today’s modern shopping environment.

What are some practical tips for improving the retail customer experience?

Run world-class research. Find experience gaps. Take action on insights. Stop betting on what your employees and customers want and find out why they contact you, how they feel and what they will do next with advanced conversation analytics. Design the experiences people want next. And continually iterate and improve them.

What is the best way to create a great retail experience that will keep customers returning?

Stay on top of store cleanliness and follow local guidelines to the letter.Communicating your health and safety measures also helps. Remind shoppers that you’re looking out for them through signage, decals, and customer communication channels like email. Doing so builds trust, along with repeat visits and customer retention.

What skills and experience can be gained from retail experience?

Many people gain retail experience by working part- or full-time jobs at department stores, convenience stores, supermarkets, specialty stores or other retail establishments. These jobs can teach candidates important skills in customer service, organization, communication, problem-solving and teamwork.

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