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Frequently Asked Questions

What does rfsuny stand for?

The Research Foundation for the State University of New York (RFSUNY) is a separate 501 (c) (3) organization from the State University of New York. RFSUNY is a private, nonprofit educational corporation that administrates grant and sponsored program activities on behalf of SUNY System Administration.

What is the difference between SUNY Research Foundation employment and state employment?

Employment opportunities offered by the Research Foundation for SUNY are separate and distinct from SUNY and State University of New York employment. As a result, position terms and conditions, compensation and benefits offered by the Research Foundation are different from State employment.

How does the RF recruit staff?

Each RF location recruits staff individually. Explore the opportunities below: The RF is a private, not-for-profit employer that offers employees a challenging work environment, in addition to a compensation package with competitive salary and attractive benefits .

What does rfrf human resources do?

RF Human Resources supports the University's research missions by providing exceptional, efficient, accurate and timely services and resources to our customers. RF Telecommuting Program Application & Workplan - RF Teleworking and Telecommuting Policy.

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