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Frequently Asked Questions

When does SUNY consider previous employment prior to RF employment?

For dates of hire on or after April 1, 2000, SUNY service immediately preceding employment with the RF will be disregarded if it disadvantages an employee with a longer period of qualified service from another institution. Service with the other institution must have ended within 12 months prior to RF employment.

How do I contact RF customer services for assistance with self service?

Contact RF Customer Services at (518) 434-7222 for assistance accessing and using Employee Self Service.

What is the Research Foundation employee self service website?

The Research Foundation Employee Self Service website offers many features: Easy access to your direct deposit payslips, paycheck stubs, tax forms, benefits information and more. Process expense reimbursements (if that feature is enabled at your campus)

How do I log in to employee self service?

Please feel free to review the video or the Quick Start Guide. To access Employee Self Service, you will need to log in with your RF user name and password. If you forgot your password, get help here.

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