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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of sail in English?

English Language Learners Definition of sail. Kids Definition of sail. 2 : the sails of a ship They lowered sail as they approached the bay. 3 : a trip in a ship or boat moved especially by the wind We went for a sail on the lake.

What is a good sentence for the word sailing?

He sailed around the world on a luxury liner. She sailed the Atlantic coastline. She's sailing a boat in tomorrow's race. The ship was sailed by a crew of 8. I've been sailing since I was a child. a ship that has sailed the seven seas We sat on the shore watching boats sail by.

Where is sail located in Queensbury?

Stop by our Queensbury office at 71 Glenwood Avenue, Queensbury and check it out today! Reach your destination with SAIL! How can we help you today? View a list of things that we do to help!

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