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Frequently Asked Questions

How many waterside goose nests are there?

ALL 6 WATERSIDE GOOSE NEST LOCATIONS! "Search Waterside Goose Nests" Fortnite 14 Days Challenge! - YouTube

Where can I find goose eggs?

Most of these nests can be found in the southern portion of the map and all of them are near water, making those goose eggs relatively easy to find. You’ll find two nests in Fatal Fields and three in the desert biome, so the south-east portion of the world is particularly lucrative.

Where are the goose nests in battle royale?

As the "waterside" part of their name implies, the goose nests can be found near bodies of water in the game world, and there are actually far more than just six to find in the game. We will note that since the latest update where the entire battle royale map was covered in snow, we haven't been able to find any of the goose nests.

What is the best time to remove a Canada goose nest?

Canada Goose (Branta canadensis – egg and nest removal without a permit, and hunting), and for some captive-bred birds like mallards. If a nest is under construction, that is the best time to remove it. Take precautions when handling the nest yourself, and always wear an adequate face mask and safety glasses!

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