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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Sholom do?

Sholom, in partnership with our community, supports adults in need across the continuum of care, to live life fully where all are welcome. With more than 100 years of service, Sholom offers campus-based programs in Minneapolis/St. Louis Park and St. Paul as well as community-based services across the metro area.

Is Shalom a Jewish newspaper?

Other SS Shalom, an ocean liner operated by Zim Lines, Israel 1964–1967. Şalom is a Jewish weekly newspaper published in İstanbul, Turkey in Turkish and one page in Ladino (Judaeo-Spanish). "Shalom" is a song by Voltaire, on the CD The Devil's Bris. "Shalom" is a song by THePETEBOX.

What long term care services does Sholom offer?

Sholom offers specialized long term care services. Our Assisted Living Residences feature warm, timeless décor in a neighborhood setting on our beautiful campuses. Home Health Care that comes to where you live! Sholom recognizes that every person facing a life-limiting diagnosis deserves to live with respect and dignity.

Who are the Ideal employees for Sholom?

At Sholom, we are a talented team of top-notch healthcare professionals who are dedicated to providing exceptional care for our residents. Ideal employees for Sholom are highly motivated individuals who are passionate about providing services in a warm and caring manner. At Sholom, you can make a true difference in our seniors’ lives.

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