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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Access Software Center to install available software?

Click on the "Software Center" icon.Click on the icon for the software you want to install.Click install.

How to Access Software Center?

How to Access Software Center 1. Click the Windows Icon in the bottom left side of the desktop screen. . 2. Type software in the search bar. Click Open under the Software Center icon. 3. Software Center opens to the Applications tab. This area has programs that can be downloaded to CPSB computers without having Administrative Rights. 4.

How to download software center on Windows 10?

Click the Start Menu Start typing in Software Center Click on and open Software Center Installing Software Launch Software Center Select the software you would like to install

How to install software with the Software Center?

Quick steps for using Software CenterLocate shortcut on your desktop called Software Center and double click.If no link is present on the desktop, press the Windows key on your keyboard, and search for Software Center.Select the software that you need, and then click “install” on the bottom-right.

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