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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get started with Git LFS in GitKraken?

To enable LFS in GitKraken Git GUI, you must first install Git and LFS. The minimum requirements are: Note: Usually GitKraken does not require Git CLI to perform its operations. However, since we do utilize Git CLI to interact with LFS files you will need to have Git installed on your machine if you plan to use LFS.

Does Sourcetree work with SVN?

We've designed Sourcetree as a Git and Mercurial client, so that you don't have to work from the command line. If you use SVN, Sourcetree has ways to help you too.

Will there be a `Git LFS diff` command?

Git LFS doesn't have a custom merge or diff tool right now. Those hooks are reserved for future use. However, you can edit the .gitattributes to do whatever you like. As long as the filter=lfs setting is kept, Git LFS will work. It may even be a good idea to allow this in the track command:

How does Git LFS work?

Git LFS handles large files by storing references to the file in the repository, but not the actual file itself. To work around Git's architecture, Git LFS creates a pointer file which acts as a reference to the actual file (which is stored somewhere else).

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