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Frequently Asked Questions

Can teachers get their student loans paid off?

It has been said that up to seventeen thousand five hundred dollars of federal teacher student loans can be paid off with the TEACH program. This amount combined with financial aid usually tends to pay off a person's four years of college to obtain a bachelor's degree in teaching.

Can my student loans really be forgiven?

Be wary of anyone claiming they can get your student loans forgiven. Generally a student loan can be forgiven or discharged only in exceptional circumstances, like if your school shut down while you were pursuing your degree or you become permanently disabled due to an illness or injury.

How long before outstanding student loans are forgiven?

If you aren’t working in a public service position, you may still be able to get some of your student debt forgiven – but it will take longer. Federal income-based repayment plans allow for some debt forgiveness after a minimum of 20 years (terms and conditions vary by program).

How are forgiven student loans affect your taxes?

Exceptions to Tax Consequences Insolvency. The most obvious debt forgiveness exception left for taxpayers is insolvency. ... Bankruptcy. No forgiven debt is taxable if it was discharged in any type of bankruptcy. ... Student Loan Cancellation. Canceled student loans are subject to a separate set of taxation rules. ...

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