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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Mullen & Mullen charge?

Our law firm puts quality over quantity. Mullen & Mullen charges 29% of the gross recovery on claims not requiring litigation, while the industry standard fee is 33.3%. We’ve been in business for 39 years.

Who are the partners of Mullen Coughlin?

John F. Mullen Partner John F. Mullen, Sr. is a name partner and co-founder of Mullen Coughlin. Brian F. Fox Partner Brian Fox focuses his practice on privacy and data security matters, helping clients navigate the various state, federal and international laws that govern the protection of data.

What makes Mullen & Filippi successful?

The success of Mullen & Filippi is defined by continuously exceeding the expectations of our clients. We are 100% committed to obtaining top results for our clients. Our client relationships are marked by responsiveness that is critical to efficient and successful defense of claims. We understand that in your business, time is of the essence.

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