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Frequently Asked Questions

Are most psychiatrists not good at therapy?

The same is true in seeking psychiatric medications and therapy. Medical doctors, psychiatrists, and psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners are good at prescribing but often have limited training in counseling per se. Psychologists and therapists are good at providing counseling (talk therapy) but they cannot prescribe medications.

What not to say to a person with schizophrenia?

What not to say to someone with schizophrenia 1. Don’t be rude or unsupportive. Instead, be tolerant and listen to what they are saying.

Should you see a psychiatrist?

It’s common for people to avoid social situations when they are suffering from excessive grief, anxiety, or depression. Talking to a psychiatrist can help you work out your issues so that you can lead a more fulfilling, less anxiety-inducing social life. 5. You Feel Excessive Sadness, Worry, or Anxiety

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