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Frequently Asked Questions

What is treecapitator?

Description: TreeCapitator is a plugin in which it adds the ability to cut down an entire tree if you break the base of the tree. This eliminates the time it takes to cut down trees for wood. Installation: Download the plugin from Spigot. Place the plugin jar file into the Plugins folder. Restart your server.

How to chop trees in treecapitator Datapack?

TreeCapitator DataPack for 1.19.3 will be giving you some unique features that will allow you to chop the trees within one hit. If you will try to hit one log of the tree, Then it will chop the tree instantly with their logs. There will be a lot of settings that you can modify with your needs within the game.

How do I change the treecapitator setting?

To change a setting, simply click on the green or red icon next to the setting you wish to change. For each axe, you can choose which tree types TreeCapitator will work. Only want the Netherite axe to break Nether trees? You can do that! Because you don't need to have cheats enabled to edit settings, anyone can change them.

How many blocks can a treecapitator chop?

The Treecapitator can be used to chop down 35 connected blocks of wood in a single hit. This makes the ability 3 50% more efficient compared to the Jungle Axe 's ability of chopping up to just 10 blocks. As the Treecapitator is also a golden axe, it also benefits from the breaking speed that any golden tool has.

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