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Frequently Asked Questions

What is white label website?

Multi-Language Support. White label websites are the websites which is made by the company and it is rebrand by the other company to make it as if they had made it. Basically a person go for white label to save his time, money and effort. The other company not needs to do heavy investment in white label business.

What is white label email marketing?

White label email marketing allows the public relations firm, ad agency, or web design shop to offer their very own email platform. Just a year ago, this was not possible due to the limitations associated with keeping your email server infrastructure on the various white lists.

What is white label hosting?

White Label Hosting is popularly known as reseller hosting. White Label Hosting allows one to sell another hosting company servers, hosting services, bandwidth etc to a user assuming these are the seller's own company or property. White Label Hosting allows one to build his/her own hosting company. It can also be a very profitable Add on to his existing business of hosting.

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